Stone Creek Mother Daughter Red Carpet Night

Thursday, March 14th, 2019

5:45PM – 7:45PM

Stone Creek Multi-Purpose Room


The Mother Daughter event is a health education program that began in Irvine Unified School District in the spring of 1989. As part of the program, a female speaker will talk and a video will be shown that gently explains some of the changes that girls go through as part of the growing up process. This event is sponsored by Stone Creek PTA for 5th grade girls and their mothers or any adult woman friend to encourage the communication at home between parent and child. It will be a fun and memorable night with dinner, games, and prizes! Feel free to dress up for the exciting night!


** REQUEST:  Mothers, please provide a baby photo of your daughter AND a current picture of you and your daughter together to share during our fun evening. We will play a guessing game and return the images. Please upload the photos labeled with your daughter’s name to  or email to  or have your daughter deliver them to class in a sealed envelope with their name on it to be placed in the Room Mom envelope. All images are due by Friday, Feb 28th. Thank you for your participation!


Please RSVP by February 28, 2019 at or email


Please join us for this informative and enjoyable evening as we learn together and celebrate growing into womanhood! Dinner will be served and raffle prizes will be won!